6 Conditions and Prerequisites for Hajj That Every Pilgrim Must Know

Islam, the world’s true faith solely based mostly on set guidelines and laws. Each Muslim has to obey these obligations prescribed by Allah the Almighty. It is inevitable for each Muslim man and lady to obey all Islamic tips primarily these linked to performing prayers. Find more about Hajj 2018.

Muslim’s gratitude in the direction of Allah and His faith Islam appears insufficient until the journey to Mecca and performing Hajj. Nonetheless, pilgrimage to Mecca has sure obligations and believers are sure to perform its necessary stipulations. There are six key preconditions one ought to fulfill previous to go for Hajj or else he wouldn’t be eligible to carry out this crucial Islamic ritual. Necessities with out which Hajj will not be thought-about compulsory embrace:

– Being Muslim

All Islamic acts of worship and prayers are allied to Muslims solely; so is performing the Hajj. Motive behind is that any worship to Allah carried out by non-believers is invalid. So, a non-believer is required to enter Islam at first. As soon as he turn into Muslim by accepting Allah the Almighty as one and solely supreme authority and Muhammad (p.b.u.h) as his final Messenger then he’s sure to carry out duties in Islam. Now he can pray 5 occasions a day, give zakat and carry out Hajj together with many different Islamic rituals.

– Being An Grownup

Hajj is obligatory as soon as in a lifetime for each grownup Muslim man and lady. Youngsters aren’t obliged to do Hajj but when their dad and mom take together with them, Hajj will probably be accepted. The very best factor herein is that reward not solely goes to the kid however dad and mom may even be rewarded apart from their very own Hajj.

– Being of sound thoughts

If a person is affected by any bodily or psychological sickness to such an amazing extent that he would not acknowledge what he’s doing or saying, Hajj will not be compulsory for such an unsound minded individual till he comes again to regular state.

The Prophet (PBUH) mentioned: “The Pen has been lifted from three (I.e., three deeds aren’t recorded and therefore individual will not be held accountable):

1. an insane individual till he involves his senses

2. a baby awaiting puberty;

3. One who’s sleeping till he wakes up

[Narrated by Abu Dawood (4403), al-Nasaa’I (3432), al-Tirmidhi (1423) and Ibn Majaah (2041)]

– Being free

Hajj will not be necessary for a slave. Given that he might not have sufficient funds for conveyance, and residence and so forth. Furthermore, he will probably be distracted by the duties in the direction of his grasp.

– Financially Succesful

Any grownup Muslim who’s financially able to performing Hajj, ought to do it with the soonest chance. Conversely, if you’re underneath debt or your monetary capability is not sufficient then you aren’t permissible to go for Hajj. It is because set quantity of funds are required for touring to mecca, residing there and again once more.

– Bodily Succesful

Being bodily succesful means it is best to have sound physique in order that he can bear all of the hardships proper from travelling to Mecca and all by way of finishing up the Hajj rituals.